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Hailing Frequencies Open!


Hello, fellow fans! Welcome to the first-ish post (Marty beat me to it) for the Rick’s Comic City blog-your new destination for learning about cool stuff coming out, thoughts on current or past storylines from your favorite comics and interviews with fans about fandom of all kind.

Do you like role-playing games? Comics? Anime? Scary clowns? We want to explore all of that except the scary clowns (you can stay home). We want to see your obscure collections, hear about the comic stories that you love and the characters or franchise that you are the most passionate. We want to highlight the fan community of Middle Tennessee-the community that has supported us and made us grow over the years.

Our schedule will be simple and hopefully not too annoying: every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will post an article. In the future, there will be more, because there is a lot of cool stuff to cover, but we want to focus on bringing you consistent, high-quality content about the things you love. We will try to give equal time to as many comic publishers as possible. We don’t want to focus on DC and Marvel solely. We love them, but there is so much more out there to explore. Also, we would like to hear suggestions from you. Is there something that you think isn’t getting enough exposure that you would like to see it get the love it deserves? Let us know!

So, for the next month expect to see three posts a week covering something that we think is cool, and we hope you think is cool as well. October, of course, will be horror themed, and I can’t wait to go and explore as many horror comics as I can find.

Until then True Believers!


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