What is Bookshop?

Rick's Comic City has partnered with Bookshop to help bring you more books that you want! With Bookshop, you can order any Graphic Novel you can find in their extensive catalog and have it mailed straight to your door. You can even order books without pictures, I mean, if you are into that sort of thing :) 

Not sure what to read? Check out our Staff's Recommended Picks on the front page of our Bookshop store.

How does it work?

  • Follow the link to our Rick's Comic City branded Bookshop store. Create an account with Bookshop, find any books you'd like and checkout all from our branded page (if you see our logo in the left corner, you are good).
  • A portion of your sale goes back to us, so this is a great way to support your favorite local bookstores!
  • Bookshop will be the party shipping your books to you and those items will not be going to our stores at any point, so no In-Store Pickup is available.

Since the inventory does not come from one of our stores, Bookshop items cannot be combined with items found on the rest of our website. Also, no Hero Points will be earned or can be used on items from Bookshop. Pricing and availability compared to items we sell in store may vary.

You've been asking when we would be able to get more trades and graphic novels onto our website. This helps us do that in a tremendously easy way, without killing our Webguy with creating all those 1000s of product listings. 

Check the link to the store to get started shopping!