What is Comics Experience?

Do you wish there was a school dedicated to all things comics? Then you might be interested in checking out online classes at Comics Experience AND helping our store through their newly created affiliate program!

Comics Experience has led the way for online comic book education for over a decade with a commitment to high quality content. Their long list of alumni work with every publisher in North America and many in Europe; including several creators currently under exclusive contracts at Marvel and DC Comics.

Comics Experience is excited to announce it's "Retailer Relief" program, allowing comics customers to purchase original content generated by some of the industry's top comics creators and educators! A large portion of the proceeds for these classes will go back to your favorite brick-and-motor store at a time when most can't even have their doors open. 

New content will be released every week (usually on Wednesdays). Upcoming courses include:

  • New Master Seminar: The Art of Writing for the Reboot with Jonathan Hickman (May 9th)
  • Introduction to Lettering Comics with Erica Schultz (starting May 11th)
  • Introduction to Writing Comics with Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor (starting May 13th)
  • Introduction to Figure Drawing & Anatomy with Phillip Sevy (starting May 12th)

Sounds interesting? Click on the "Go To Comic Experience" link on our website to direct you to our affiliate page and get learning now!