Cimmerian: The Frost-Giant's Daughter (2020) #2 Fritz Casas Virgin Variant


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(W) Robert E. Howard, Robin Recht (A) Robin Recht (CA) Fritz Casas
Robert E. Howard's Conan is brought to life UNCENSORED!  Discover the true Conan, unrestrained, violent, and sexual.  Read the story as he intended!

The enchanting, red-haired beauty of Atali, the frost-giant's daughter, has awoken Conan's lust.  As she repeatedly taunts him, he doggedly chases her for miles across the snow-covered territory, looking to capture her.  Mocking him with each step, Atali attempts to lure the Cimmerian into an ambush.  But she will soon find he is not so easy to be fooled...or conquered.    
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Condition Note: Light spine ding found on the only copy in house (See Pic #3).