Shadowman (1992) # 8 CGC Graded 9.6

Valiant Entertainment

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(W) Bob Hall (A) Yvel Guichet, John Dixon (CA) Yvel Guichet, Bob Hall

After a disappointing night on the stage, Jack gets an all-too easy chance at shutting down a major drug ring. But the odds quickly fall out of Jack's favor as the bust takes an unexpected turn ! Outgunned and outnumbered, Shadowman better hope he's not out of luck!

To bring down Marty's pusher, Jack sets up a drug deal. But Marty has already revealed that Jack is Shadowman to his dealer, Mr. Clemenceau, who in turn answers to Master Darque. Later, Jack and Marty arrive at a warehouse to find Clemenceau and his thugs awaiting! When they fail to capture Jack, Darque orders Clemenceau to run Jack down with his car. But Jack proves too elusive, and Clemenceau dies in a fiery wreck!

First appearance:

- Master Darque - Known as only the "Man in the Shadows".